Beware of Fraud E-Mails

Beware of Fraud E-Mails(asking for security deposit) like following sample E-Mail :-

: as soon as possible call

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Attachment Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 8:31 PM
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To: a a <>

Your Resume has been selected by (Tata Motors Limited). I have attached your
Interview Process letter with this email. Kindly see the attached file.
Note - you can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday – 8 Am to 4 Pm,
Company Website :Click Here
Note - And more details you send a email Company
Email Add –
Best of luck

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And when we open the pdf document it goes this way:-

Dear Candidate
We are informing you that your profile has been selected online.
Your code number – TML- 041.You are in group one.
We are informing you that your resume has been Online selected in our annual direct selection of candidates through  our
direct interview in Tata Motors Limited.
The Company offers you to join, as well as Company offers you to join as an Executive/Manager post in respective de partment.
You are selected according to your resume in which Project you have worked and on the basis of your academic records.
Departments – Electronics, Mechanical Engineers, IT-Software/Hardware Administration, Production Sales and HR
Department Accounts, Hardware networking, web designer, Engineer Quality control & other,
Total -  52  candidates Short-Listed , Post  -  42 , Experience : 0 To 5 Years
Location: New Delhi, Pune, Banglore, Chandigarh and Mumbai & where the candidate wants the job location.
Interview Date: – 20-04-2013 in Mumbai.
The Selected candidate keeps the right of being getting posted at the desired location subject to the final decision of HRD after
discussion. Salary - Min –Rs.29`000/- to Rs.94`000/-+ incentives, per month on your performance .You are going to get
employment in Tata Motors Limited.
Note - You have to deposit an refundable security amount by Cash Rs 8225/- 03/04/2013 into (AXIS BANK ,INDIAN
BANK, PNB BANK, ICICI BANK , SYNDICATE BANK OR ALLAHABAD BANK) The Job profile and salary offered by
Company will be mention in your call latter. Your call latter and Air Ticket will dispatch very shortly after receiving your
confirmation of security deposited in to the Bank. The security amount paid by the candidate. This is a refundable amount. And
this is compulsory because this is company process.
Note- TOMORROW is the last date of security deposit in to the (Bank) For A/C Number you can Make a call to ( Mr. Unmesh
Late reporting candidates will be not allowed in the process. We are strictly concerned on time management as per the values
of the company. The selected candidate visit to company office is not allowed before interview date. Only one family person is
allowed with female candidate.
This call letter and group code number TML- 041. Is not-transferable. This code is valid only for your interview date.
(1) - Note - You come with your all documents photocopy. And one hard copy of the invitation mail. Id Proof, 5 Photos,
(2) - Note – Send me your latest updated resume with your code number now – {}
(3) - Note- Group one 03/04/2013 is the last date of security deposit in to the bank.
(4) - Note - You can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday–9 Am to 4 Pm. After the working hours your call not
be accepted.
After depositing the security deposit you send me your deposit slip, Photo, ID Proof, scan copy. And your mobile number By   Mail. if you are been selected or not, This amount will be refundable, it is just a security deposit as assuring your presence on
The interview date and venue, we will be reserving your air tickets fare upon our expenses, that would be paid by the
It self,
Kindly give the information after the deposit of the security amount in to the bank to company’s below mentioned email id.
Without information to this email id { }.Your letter will not be dispatch to your home address.
(Mr. Unmesh Rai)
Bombay House,24, Homi  Mody Street,
Mumbai  Maharashtra 400001
Contact number: - 08527280225, 09457749336.


  1. Mr. Bandi Rajshekar, introduce himself in face book, email and messages, I am working for SAP ABAP Consultant GENFACT, Pvt. Limited 3rd & 4th Floor, Block 2, Dlf Cyber City, Plot No 129-132, Gachibowli, Opposite Aphb Colony, Hyderabad - 500032, has a SAP ABAP Consultant and providing consultancy services on sending messages from following mobile nos. 917674075231, 919703101105, 919059372772 give fraud commitment with misleading declarations and representations for give job on the name of various MNC’s in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and ask the candidates to forward their resumes to e mail Id:

  2. I got an e-mail from THE VISA HUB
    Hello sir i am sending to you Canada's format.

    Regards Avani Shah

    These guys are frauds They cheated me approximately 25,000.00, their address is below

    The Visa Hub
    B-315, Gopal Palace
    Near Jansini Rani Statue
    Ocean Park, Nehru Nagar
    Satelite, Ahmedabad
    Gujarat – 390015
    Name 1. Sameer Mithavala, Mobile No: - 07096769832
    2. Avani Shah, Mobile No: - 08980069258
    Emails: - and


  3. Dear All,

    This is my big experience with this Consultant “Visa Hub” in Ahmedabad, Today the numbers of private employment agencies are growing like a chain reaction, many with authorization from the govt. there and many without it. They are spreading like cancer in almost all small and big cities in India.

    These guys promised me that I can go to Canada within 90 t0 120 days and I had paid RS. 10, 0000.00 as the registration fees, after 15 days they asked me to pay RS. 80,000.00, I paid total RS. 90,000.00 and I waited for 8 months, but nothing was happened, I lost a good job in this middle coz these guys told me not to join in the new job, because they are arranging my visa to Canada, but after long months nothing is happening, then I was fed-up and I ask them to return my amount, I was calling them throughout but they have refunded my money RS.80, 000.00 by partial 2 cheque payments dated on 7th June 2016 and 15th June 2016, till now they didn’t refund my registration fee of RS.10,000.00, I asked them several times to refund the RS. 10,000.00, but they are promising every time, but not refunding and changing the dates all times, what they have done for me, nothing they have, simply took my RS. !0,000.00 for their profits, they are cheaters and frauds to make their own profit cheating the candidates and taking RS. 10,000.00, registration fees from everyone and making money. These guys will not reply for any of your emails after taking money from us and we have to call them and loose our mobile charges, I have lost minimum of Rs.of 1500.00 for calling them and lost Rs. 5,000.00 for Ahmedabad travel expenses to their office which we will not get for our life time.

    These guys will take RS. 10, 000.00 (Ten Thousand) as the registration fees which is not refundable. After 15 days they will ask for another RS. 80,000.00 (Eighty Thousand) as the documents and visa purposes. They will tell us , you can travel within 90 to 120 days, but we will be hold for 7 to 8 months. Then if we force them, they will tell us that they are ready to refund our RS. 80,000.00 after several telephone calls, but we will not get the registration fee of RS. 10,000.00. so we will lose our registration fee and 8 months, we can’t do anything and we will be losing our months and bank interest. Actually these guys are turning our money 7 to 8 months to get the interests for their profit. Beware of FRAUD consultants and PLACEMENT agency “THE VISA HUB” (Sameer Mithavala and Avani Shah) – Ahmedabad”.
    My friends, See this guys will take you RS. 10,000.00 as the registration fees and will not refund this amount, please think if these guys are taking RS. 10,000.00 as the registration fee from 10 people means they are earning RS. 1, 00,000.00 (One Lakh) for free of cash. So please “Beware of this Fraud Agency VISA HUB - SAMEER MITHAVALA AND AVANI SHAH”

    Beware of this cheat, SAMEER MITHAVALA AND AVANI SHAH, Having office in this address The Visa Hub, B-315, Gopal Palace, Near Jansini Rani Statue, Ocean Park, Nehru Nagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 390015; they will cheat money in the name of immigration to Canada, Malaysia and United States etc. S

    BEWARE OF THEM, AND DO NOT GO BY THEIR INNOCENT LOOKS. Sameer is a Vampire who sucks our money.

    Please kindly request you to take proper necessary action on this frauds and cheaters to put an end to cheat others in future.
    Their details are below:
    The Visa Hub
    B-315, Gopal Palace
    Near Jansini Rani Statue
    Ocean Park, Nehru Nagar
    Satelite, Ahmedabad
    Gujarat – 390015
    Name 1. Sameer Mithavala, Mobile No: - 07096769832
    2. Avani Shah, Mobile No: - 08980069258
    Emails: - and

  4. Yes really this was the big drawback in recruitment panel. And actually i need to see like this more posts. Thankyou and please keep update like this
    Manpower Consultancy in Chennai


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